On today's edition of Boston Public Radio:

  • "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd got us up to speed with the latest national headlines.
  • We opened up the lines and asked you about the news that former CBS chief executive Les Moonves destroyed evidence and obstructed an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against him.
  • Former Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral discussed the controversy over a Massachusetts judgewho allegedly allowed a defendant to evade federal immigration authorities.
  • Medical ethicist Art Caplan weighed in on the mounting outrage over a Chinese researcher who claimed to have produced the world's first genetically-edited babies.
  • WCAI Science Editor Heather Goldstone looked at the dire findings in a recent federal climate change report.
  • We talked with Chris Gardner, the author and motivational speaker whose autobiography was adopted into the film "The Pursuit of Happyness."
  • Chef Michael Solomonov and his business partner Steve Smith, both of the Philadelphia restaurant Zahav, discussed their new cookbook,"Israeli Soul."