Sal DiMasi Pushes For Wider Compassionate Release In First Interview Since He Went To Prison
Former Massachusetts Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi spoke about his 2011 conviction on corruption charges — and his push for expanded compassionate release — in his first interview since he went to federal prison.

Residents Challenge Car Smoking Ban
Everyone knows you shouldn’t drink and drive, but soon, drivers in Attleboro may not be allowed to smoke in a car with children in it. As Tina Martin reports, not everyone is on board with the potential new rule.

The Harlem Globetrotters Teach Jim Braude How To Do A Trick Shot (Kinda)
The Harlem Globetrotters recently visited Gillette Stadium to display their famous trick shots — and maybe get a few pointers from the 5-time Superbowl Champs — before their upcoming tour, which stops at the TD Garden the day after Christmas. Jim Braude was joined by two of the players: four-time Guinness World Record holder Zeus McClurkin, and Lili "Champ" Thompson, who played for the 2018 Notre Dame NCAA championship team before joining the Globetrotters.

IMHO: Outlaw the Lockout
Jim Braude explains why he thinks it should be illegal for public utilities to lock out their employees — for both their sake and ours.