Last week, Boston's city council held a hearing weighing whether the city should lower the speed limit on most streets to 20 mph.

But City Council President Andrea Campbell says: not so fast.

Campbell told Boston Public Radio Tuesday that she believes a more effective way to combat speeding is through infrastructure changes and increased enforcement.

"We recently lowered the speed limit, and it only got us so far," Campbell said. "Frankly, the folks in my district, my residents, want structural changes to our streets. That means speed bumps, physical things that are going to slow these cars down, [and] in addition to that, enforcement of the speed limit."

Boston last lowered its default speed limit in 2017, from 30 to 25 mph.

"This is an issue, frankly, that can bring all the communities together, whether it's Beacon Hill, Mattapan, or Dorchester," Campbell said. "Everyone is talking about speeding cars and needing to do something, [and] in addition to that, making sure we have bike lanes and other ways we accommodate for folks who use different modes of transportation."