A close race in the 3rd congressional district for the Democratic nomination is headed for a recount. A spokesman for Dan Koh’s campaign says they have submitted 1,300 signatures well above the required 500 to trigger a recount to local clerks offices.

The campaign says because of the initial result — there are only 52 votes out of 85,000 cast separating Koh and front-runner Lori Trahan—every vote must be counted.

A spokesperson for Secretary of State Bill Galvin says Koh’s camp has until Tuesday to deliver 500 certified signatures from Democrats registered in the district — which the campaign says it has already exceeded.

Once the signatures are verified, the Secretary’s office will order a district-wide recount which includes 37 cities and towns. The manual recount will be paid for by local election offices.

"This was a hard fought campaign and we knew it was going to be a close one," Trahan's campaign said in a statement late Friday afternoon. "We want to do everything we can do to instill confidence in the hearts and minds of voters in this district that Lori Trahan is the rightful Democratic nominee, and she will participate fully in the recount process. We are confident that our margin will hold, and Lori plans to continue to campaign against her Republican and Independent opponents to ensure that this seat is retained by a Democrat."

All recounts must be done by September 17.