After two years on the books, a landmark transgender rights bill passed in Massachusetts in 2016 is now in jeopardy. The law bans discrimination against transgender people in public accommodations. Opponents of the law have focused specifically on transgender men accessing women's locker rooms and bathrooms. This issue is set to appear as a ballot question in November when voters will decide between “Yes on Question 3,” to keep the protections for transgender people or no, to scrap them.

Local business leaders held an event today in support of the current state law, after seeing what happened in North Carolina when the state instituted an anti-transgender bill. That bill led to major corporations and companies taking their business elsewhere, eventually spelling trouble for their economy. North Carolina has since repealed that law. Jim Braude was joined by Jane Steinmetz, the Boston Managing Principal at Ernst and Young, and Jim Rooney, president and CEO of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, to discuss their support for “Yes on 3.”