• Our political roundtable with Commonwealth Magazine reporter Jack Sullivan and writer and editor Joanna Weiss went over the latest headlines.
  • It turns out Russia wasn't the country courting the Trump campaign — emissaries from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates also met with Donald Trump Jr., according to reporting from the New York Times. Charles Sennott, WGBH News analyst and executive director of The GroundTruth Project, weighed in.
  • We asked you about former Education Secretary Arne Duncan's proposal to boycott schools until there are stricter gun laws in place. It's a provocative idea, but is it practical? Would a nationwide boycott of schools work?
  • Television expert Bob Thompson discussed the TV event that had us glued to our screens early Saturday morning: the Royal Wedding!
  • Reverend Irene Monroe and Reverend Emmett Price brought us their take on Bishop Michael Curry's sermon at the Royal Wedding.
  • We asked you: Can you take a compliment? How do you accept one?
  • Poet Richard Blanco joined us for his latest installment of our recurring poetry segment, "The Village Voice."

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