Trump’s Efforts To Cool Down Mueller Probe Heat Up
President Donald Trump’s efforts to cool down special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation are heating up. Jim Braude was joined by Kent Greenfield, a constitutional law professor at Boston College; Brad Bailey, a criminal defense attorney at Brad Bailey Law and former federal prosecutor; and J.W. Carney Jr., a criminal defense attorney at J.W. Carney Jr. & Associates and a former federal assistant district attorney.
Emily Rooney Looks Back At Boston Marathon Bombings Five Years Later
Five years ago, then-host of Greater Boston Emily Rooney had the day off, and was planning to meet a friend in Back Bay when she heard a muffled roar and knew something wasn’t right. When she headed towards the sound, she recognized fellow local anchor Maria Stephanos. The two met up for a reflection on the day of the marathon bombings and the aftermath.
The Man In The Cowboy Hat, Who Saved Lives After The Marathon Bombings, To Run Race For First Time
Carlos Arredondo, the man in the cowboy hat who helped save lives after the Boston Marathon Bombing, is running the race for the first time. He, his wife Melida, and Sergeant Ray Regan, who will run alongside him as his guide, joined Jim Braude to discuss.
IMHO: The True Meaning Of ‘Boston Strong’
Jim Braude weighs in on the victims who truly exemplify the phrase ‘Boston Strong.’