Has The U.S. Left The “Black Lives Matter” Movement Behind?
With the death of Stephon Clark and the announcement that no criminal charges would be filed in the death of Alton Sterling, has the U.S. become desensitized to the killings of black men?  Jim Braude was joined by Tanisha Sullivan, president of the Boston Branch of the NAACP, Peter Roby, athletic director at Northeastern University, and Jocelyn Sargent, executive director at the Hyams Foundation — which just released a study on racial inequity in Boston — to discuss.
City Leaders Split Over Decision To Rename Yawkey Way
The debate on changing the name of Yawkey Way is heating up before opening day. Jim Braude was joined by Howard Bryant, a columnist for ESPN Magazine and NPR Weekend Edition correspondent, and the reverend Dr. Ray Hammond, founder of Boston’s Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and a Yawkey Foundation trustee, to discuss the two sides of the issue.
Broken Pot Promises
On Monday, the first groups vying to open up recreational pot shops in Massachusetts can apply for a license and so-called priority applicants are at the head of the line. Those are the groups that were already given the go-ahead to sell medical marijuana and for whom moving into recreational sales might be a natural progression. But as Adam Reilly tells us, for one downtown Boston retailer making the shift is a tough sell.
IMHO: Mass. State Police Need To Learn How to Police Themselves
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the recent scandals with the Massachusetts State Police.