It is one of Donald Trump’s favorite pejorative nicknames: “Pocahontas,” which he first bestowed on Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in June of 2016. Its origin stems from Warren’s 2012 Senate campaign, when critics highlighted the fact that she listed herself as a minority professor in the ‘90s, citing Native American heritage. Yesterday, she addressed the issue in an unannounced appearance at the National Congress of American Indians, saying “You won’t find my family members on any rolls, and I’m not enrolled in a tribe. And I want to make something clear. I respect that distinction.” She also stated, “I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead.”
It was hailed as a bold speech by her supporters but decried by opponents.
Jim Braude was joined by Jennifer Braceras, a conservative whose work appears in the Wall Street Journal and, and Nadeem Mazen, a former Cambridge City Councilor, the founder of voter engagement company OutVote and also a long-time Warren supporter.