Fallout: The Washington Post, not NPR, was first to report that NPR’s head of news, Mike Oreskes, was under investigation for allegations of sexual harassment. Since then, NPR chief Jarl Mohn has come under fire for the way in which the company handled the situation.
Spacey’s Spin: Actor Kevin Spacey ignited a firestorm this week when he revealed that he was gay in the same statement in which he apologized about accusations he sexually assaulted another actor, who, at the time, was a teen. Criticism was levied at media organizations, too, many of which highlighted Spacey’s personal admission instead of the serious accusations he faced.
Groupthink: Former NPR CEO Ken Stern is opening up about the perception of liberal media bias. Stern, who wrote a book about his journey through what he describes as “conservative America,” blames the bias on “groupthink” and a lack of understanding of culture beyond the coasts. Does he have a point?
Rants and Raves: A review of the week in media.
On this week’s edition of Beat the Press, Emily Rooney is joined by freelance journalist Joanna Weiss; Farah Stockman, of the New York Times; Dan Kennedy, of Northeastern University; and Callie Crossley, of WGBH News.