Differing Accounts: When a Florida Congresswoman criticized President Donald Trump for what he allegedly said to the grieving widow of a soldier killed in Niger, much of the media reported the account without question. Even after Trump denied the account, the press was inclined to believe the congresswoman. Has the media given up giving Trump the benefit of the doubt?
#MeToo: Following accusations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, many actresses started telling their own sexual harassment and assault stories. Then came the #MeToo campaign, encouraging all women to speak out about their experiences. Some journalists even took part — but should they have?
Barstool Brawl: After ESPN announced the launch of “Barstool Van Talk,” in conjunction with Barstool Sports, “Sunday NFL Countdown” Host Samantha Ponder disclosed she was the target of vulgar attacks by the website and its founder, David Portnoy. In a series of tweets, she publicly expressed her dismay ESPN’s decision to partner up with Barstool — raising a lot of questions about the deal.
Rants and Raves: A review of the week in media.
On this week’s edition of Beat the Press, Emily Rooney is joined by Jon Keller, Lylah Alphonse, Dan Kennedy, and Adam Reilly.