Weinstein Takedown: Who in the media knew what and when? And why wasn’t it reported sooner? Those seem to be the dominating questions facing news outlets in the wake of the explosive Harvey Weinstein scandal. This week, many pointed fingers at NBC and the New York Times, accusing the outlets of spiking and watering down past coverage, but they weren’t the only ones.
Not-So-Free Press: President Donald Trump’s ire for the media was on full display this week – particularly with one outlet: NBC. In a tweet, he threatened the network’s license, then went a step further in remarks saying it’s “disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write.” Is Trump's threat to the First Amendment laughable bluster, or more serious? And how should the media respond?
Radio Waves: The merger between CBS and Entercom could mean a lot less talk radio for the Boston market. Executives are mum on which stations it’s looking to sell or trade, but a dramatic change in the city’s radio landscape seems inevitable.
Rants and Raves: A review of the week in media.
On this week’s edition of Beat the Press, Emily Rooney is joined by Callie Crossley, Dan Kennedy, Tom Fiedler and Joanna Weiss.