Vegas Shooting:  Immediately after a death toll became official following the massacre in Las Vegas, networks began calling it the deadliest shooting “in U.S. history.” Others called it the deadliest in “modern U.S. history.” Is it right or responsible for the media to use this kind of superlative to frame a tragedy and does it prompt people to beat the record?

Anderson Cooper:  CNN’s Anderson Cooper began his coverage of the Las Vegas shooting by honoring the victims and sticking to his policy of not naming the shooter. But, given the initial confusion surrounding the event and who was allegedly responsible, is it journalistically sound?

Presidential Prompter When Donald Trump uses a teleprompter or reads from written remarks the media is often quick to point out that he sounds “presidential.” Is there a norm?

Scaramucci PostShort-lived White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci is jumping into the media business with a new venture. As for what it is, or what its focus will be, it’s anyone’s guess, including his.

Rants and RavesA review of the week in media.

On this week’s edition of Beat the Press, Emily Rooney is joined by Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University, Callie Crossley of WGBH News, freelance journalist Joanna Weiss and Dan Lothian, former White House correspondent for CNN.