It’s a prize cities across America are salivating over — how to win Amazon’s contest to be the online tech giant’s second headquarters. The deal would come with 50,000 jobs and the construction of an eight-million square food campus.

Amazon has made it clear it’s looking for a city with a population of one million or more, strong transit systems, the ability to attract top tech talent and lots of local public aid.

Boston is clearly in the running, and Mayor Martin Walsh called it a no-brainer for the city to make a bid. “It’s 50,000 jobs. Four billion dollars’ worth of investment into an area. That’s an awful lot. That’s too much to pass up,” he said.

Competitors include Washington D.C., Austin, Denver, Pittsburgh, Toronto and even other cities in Massachusetts. They are all likely to offer hefty packages of tax incentives to entice Amazon.

Shirley Leung, a WGBH News contributor and business columnist for "The Boston Globe," C.A. Webb, co-founder of _Underscore.VC, and Evan Falchuck, a former third-party candidate for governor, join Jim Braude to discuss whether the costs would be worth venturing into the bidding jungle.