Two polarizing political figures stepped back into the spotlight on Sunday, Steve Bannon in his first-ever television interview and Hillary Clinton in her first since the election.

Former Trump chief strategist Bannon, now back at the helm of Breitbart News, defended himself and his former boss on CBS’s 60 Minutes, calling himself a “streetfighter” and his former boss a “great counterpuncher.”

Bannon also criticized Trump and how he handled the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, going as far as to call it maybe the biggest mistake in modern political history.

Comey was also on Hillary Clinton's mind as she sat down for an interview to discuss her new book titled "What Happened.” In it, she blamed the former F.B.I. chief for costing her the election. She also took on some of the blame herself. She told CBS This Morning’s Jane Pauley, “I think…that it was a mistake because a lot of people didn't want to hear my plans they wanted me to share their anger.”

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