It may be the hottest hot-button issue there is on college campuses. And today, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos jumped right in — announcing the Trump Administration is moving toward new guidelines on how campuses should deal with sexual assault.

In recent years, the Obama administration threatened to withhold federal funding from schools that did not move quickly to resolve sexual assault complaints and protect students who reported such attacks. And instead of going through a criminal trial, victims could push to have their attackers expelled from campus and file a Title IX complaint if they felt administrators did not do enough.

DeVos said her department will seek public input but ultimately plans to replace the current system with what she called a more effective and just version.

Ron Sullivan, a Harvard Law School professor, his colleague Nancy Gertner, a retired federal judge, and Michael Sullivan, a former U.S. Attorney appointed by President George W. Bush,  joined Jim Braude to debate whether this is a problem that needs fixing.