The family of 8-year-old Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the Boston Marathon bombing, celebrated his legacy with the groundbreaking of a playground in his honor. The handicapped-accessible playground will be put to use by children like Richard’s older sister Jane, who lost her leg in the twin bombings.

A crowd of nearly 400 cheered as 11-year-old Jane Richard marched on stage to say a few words in honor of her baby brother martin, who was killed in the twin bombings. She says the new park in her brother's honor will allow all kids to play.

“This park is going to include everything that I wished for, it’s going to include ramps for wheelchairs, a pirate ship for those who want to sail the deep blue sea, and a bucket swing for those who want to soar above the clouds," she said. 

Bill Richard said his son Martin was a fierce competitor, but believed in fair play. The playground opens in 2018.