Amazon is continuing to expand in the Boston area. The retail giant is leasing office space along Fort Point Channel, and it plans to add 900 new jobs.

This widely anticipated expansion will grow Amazon's local workforce to just under 2,000. Many of the new employees will be working on Alexa, the company's voice-activated technology as well as logistics.

"They are here because of the talent. They probably cannot hire engineers fast enough," say Shirley Leung, a Boston Globe business columnist and WGBH News contributor.

Leung says it's good news for the region because Amazon is also keeping its offices in Kendall Square and the Back Bay.

"Usually you would think they would consolidate space into one area but, in fact, they are keeping all three locations."

Leung says Amazon is likely going wherever there is space. Their new Fort Point Channel location on Summer Street will be right next to GE's new headquarters.