The deepening budget crisis on Beacon Hill has once again thrown the possibility of a sales tax holiday weekend into limbo. Last year, the state decided it could not afford to keep up the annual tradition and, this year, the state is facing a similar budget deficit. Supporters say the break is a boost for retailer’s bottom line — not to mention a relief for shoppers. Today, lawmakers heard a proposal to revive the sales tax weekend – and Governor Charlie Baker says he’s willing to hear them out.President of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts Jon Hurst, Rep. Russell Holmes (D-Boston) and WGBH News State House Reporter Mike Deehan joined Adam to discuss.

Hospital visits due to prescription pain killers are on the rise — more than doubling from 2005 to now, according to new government data — which shows 1.27 million people went to the ER or were hospitalized because of opioids in 2014 and Massachusetts has among the highest rates in the nation. For people who suffer from chronic pain, relief is hard to find. But a Waltham company is trying to offer a glimmer of hope with an over-the-counter device — no pills required. 

It takes a little faith to be able to navigate the city of Boston by bike; and Reverend Laura Everett understands that first hand. It’s been seven years since she ditched four wheels for two – a decision she says was good for her wallet, health and her soul. She joined Adam Reilly to discuss that journey, detailed in her book, “Holy Spokes: The Search for Urban Spirituality on Two Wheels.”