Two members of the Typewriter Rodeo returned to Boston Public Radio with their infamous rhyme-on-demand segment. Poets Genna Rose and Sean Petrie joined Jim and Margery to write a poem in 90 seconds on a topic of their choosing. 

Rose and Petrie will be performing their quick poem-typewriting skills at the Nantucket Book Festival this weekend. 


Sean Petrie: What really happened in the Comey-Trump meeting?

"Oh when that door closed and Trump leaned in, 

He had that devily, crazy grin, 

Come on Comey just go a little lax,

And lets hide all the info about my late taxes."

Genna Rose: Why are you not Tom Hanks? 

"There are lands where I have not been lost,

Plains which have lofted me skywards and not dropped me into the cup of the sea,

I have looked to my hands and found them my own,

Hands which move through cool air in spring without landing in the same spaces as you,

Far off a horizon away."