Is our collective obsession with President Donald Trump making the media miss the boat on a lot of big stories? That’s the argument of Retired Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich, who, in a piece titled "Forbidden Questions," outlines 24 key issues he says the Washington elite and the media are ignoring.

Among them is the final proposal for a U.S. troop increase in Afghanistan. It's been 16 years since American military forces first went in to fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban there. Officially, NATO ended combat operations in 2014, but U.S. troops have remained and now, the Trump administration is reportedly considering a proposal to add 3-to-5,000 more American troops in Afghanistan on top of the 8,000 currently there.

The new strategy would give the Pentagon the power to set troop levels and authorize strikes instead of the White House, which currently makes those decisions. If approved, the plan would be a reversal of President Obama's efforts to scale back the longest-running military conflict in U.S. history. Trump is expected to make a decision by the end of the month.

Retired Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich joined Adam to discuss.