For the first time in 17 years, one state executed two inmates—just a few hours apart. Marcel Williams and Jack Jones—both convicted murderers—were put to death last night in Arkansas after a series of last-ditch appeal efforts failed. Last week, the state executed convicted murderer Ledell Lee as part of its effort to carry out the death sentences of eight inmates in all, before the supply of sedatives used in lethal injections expires on Sunday. Lawyers for the eight inmates have taken their case to the Supreme Court, arguing that these executions should not be rushed forward. But newest justice Neil Gorsuch cast the tie-breaking vote to allow the sentences to be carried out. Former Suffolk County Sheriff and Massachusetts Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral and Harvard Medical School anesthesiologist Dr. David Waisel, who has testified as an expert witness in lethal injection cases, joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joined Jim Braude on Greater Boston to talk about a slew of issues, including his re-election campaign, the Olympics bid (and the ten people on Twitter), addressing racism in the city and whether he'd vote for Republican Governor Charlie Baker ("we'll see what happens").

Expensive juicers, ShamWow and Stadium Pal – oh my! Jim shares his take on the consumer’s appetite for As Seen On TV products.