On this week’s edition of Beat the Press, Emily Rooney (@EmilyRooneyWGBH) and the panel discuss the media’s persistent search for the Trump supporters who now regret their vote.  But are his supporters really unhappy? While several polls show the president’s support waning, other data suggests support among his base couldn’t be stronger. The panel will also examine the perils of President Donald Trump’s relationship with Fox News Channel, after the cable giant quietly fired its legal commentator, Judge Andrew Napolitano. The former New Jersey judge credited Fox News sources on a false claim about a British intelligence service spying on the president and his team.  In the show’s lightning round, the panel will discuss whether alleged attackers –like the terror attack in London -should be included when reporting the death toll and whether not doing so causes confusion. Lastly, the panel will share what they think about a recent op-ed that made the argument in favor of defunding PBS.  Joining Emily this week are, Dan Kennedy (@dankennedy_nu) of Northeastern University, WGBH News’ Callie Crossley (@CallieCrossley) and Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) as well as Dan Lothian (@DanLothianTV), a former White House correspondent for CNN. 

Voter Remorse - Are Trump Supporters Really Unhappy?

Passing Judgement - Fox News Fires Commentator for False Claims

Causing Confusion? - Should Attackers Be Included in Death Toll?

Funding PBS - Is Government Support Still Necessary?

Rants & Raves - The panelists offer their rants and raves over some of what happened in the media world this past week