President Donald Trump’s unveiled his spending priorities on Thursday and the 53-page budget blueprint includes steep cuts or the complete elimination of virtually every account but the military. Trump’s budget -- touted by a White House official as an ‘America First’ budget --  comes with a price tag of $1.1 trillion and is not a done deal yet. The proposal still needs to survive the congressional process. Joining Jim Braude  ( @jimbraude) to discuss the impact as well as the winners and losers of Trump’s budget are New York Times reporter Farah Stockman ( @fstockman); former state treasurer Joe Malone who is a Trump supporter; and Julio Ricardo Varela ( @julito77), co-host of the political podcast “In the Thick."

Former Ambassador to NATO under President George W. Bush, Nicholas Burns ( @RNicholasBurns), joins Jim to discuss the agency that will see one of the deepest cuts under Trump’s budget: the State Department. Trump’s plan would take away $11 billion from State or 29 percent of its operating budget -- and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson seems to support the move.

From the outset, the Massachusetts casino industry has been pitched as a catalyst for economic development. In Springfield, hopes for the casino slated to open in the fall of 2018 are especially high. But now, there’s a wrinkle — a possible competitor opening just a few minutes away in Connecticut. Adam Reilly ( @reillyadam) traveled to Springfield for reaction on the new casino contender and joins Jim to share what he found.

Jim shares his thoughts on how Jimmy Buffett is trying to redefine “wasting away in Margaritaville” for baby boomers.