In this week’s edition of “Beat the Press”, Emily Rooney and her panel discuss the following topics:   how the media is dealing with President Trump’s falsehoods; the news information blackout imposed by the Trump administration on the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture; whether journalists should have attended the Women’s March as participants; and how Mary Tyler Moore and her self-named show redefined women’s roles in the workplace and in newsrooms.  This week’s panel includes Dan Kennedy (@dankennedy_nu) of Northeastern University, Callie Crossley (@calliecrossley) of WGBH News, Dan Lothian (@danlothiantv), former CNN White House correspondent, and freelance journalist Joanna Weiss (@joannaweiss). 

Calling Out a Liar? - Media Struggles with Trump Statements

Black Out - Trump Silences Several Agencies

Personal vs. Professional - Some Journalists Joined Marches

Mary Tyler Moore - TV Icon’s Role Changed Newsroom Perceptions

Rants & Raves - The panelists offer their rants and raves over some of what happened in the media world this past week