It was another busy day for Donald Trump, and depending on your perspective, it was either spent preparing the United States for the challenges of the 21st century, or rolling the clock back by decades.  He announced a number of policies around immigration, including building the wall along the Mexican border, suspending the immigration of Syrian refugees, and cutting federal grants for sanctuary cities.  Jim Braude (@jimbraude) talks to Jennifer Braceras (@MAHockeyMom), the former editor of the New Boston Post,  and former candidate for Lieutenant Governor Warren Tolman (@warrentolman) about what the President announced today.  He’ll also get their take on Trump continuing to claim, despite the lack of any evidence, that there was wide scale voter fraud.

Last night Governor Charlie Baker delivered his State of the Commonwealth address.  As a republican governor in a Blue State, Baker has a fine line to walk in terms of maintaining bipartisan relationships on Beacon Hill, and managing his dealings with President Trump.  Jim talks to Boston Globe business columnist Shirley Leung (@leung) and Jessica Tocco (@a10associates) of Haynes and Associates, a lobbying firm based in Boston, about how well the Governor is dealing with these competing interests. 

Warren Buffett might call Omaha his home, but a good deal of his charitable work is handled here in Boston.  Tina Martin (@TinaAroundTown) takes us inside the organization, run by Buffett’s older sister Dorothy, about how they decide which pleas for help  get answered. 

Jim reflects on what came out of the Women’s March on Washington, and why a recent picture of President Trump tells him there is still a lot of work to be done..