We begin a new year with a new president in the White House. The day after the inauguration, millions marched to resist the changes President Trump promised to supporters. At kitchen tables, in classrooms, and at gatherings across the country, Americans are discussing what will help the country to heal from this divisive election cycle. They are looking for leadership to move forward.

WGBH News camped out in our new studio at the Boston Public Library to ask: "What does leadership mean to you?" The responses were as diverse as the people we heard from. Some value a leader who can take charge, while others are drawn to one who is resilient and possesses humility. Here are just a few of the people we talked to:

We want you to come in and tell us what you're thinking at the WGBH Studio in the Boston Public Library as part of our new 'Hear' at the Library series. We look forward to meeting you in person and hearing what you have to say. Come talk to us!