Tonight Jim Braude (@jimbraude) gets some interesting perspective on how Donald Trump plans to govern by talking to former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.  Jim is in Washington this week to preview the inaugural.  Lewandowski, a Lowell native, reveals how Trump might run the White House, and why he believes Massachusetts residents should not fear any retribution for their tepid support of Trump during the general election.

It was a busy day in Washington, both inside and outside the U.S Capitol.  While preparations for the inaugural continue outside, several of Trump’s cabinet nominees faced questioning during their confirmation hearings.  Jim talks to former interim senator for Massachusetts Mo Cowan about the cabinet selections and his thoughts on how the president-elect will govern.

Donald Trump has said he will be a pro-business president.  But as Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) explains, he’s having the opposite effect on many companies.

Jim gets some perspective on this week’s events in Washington from Mike Barnicle, a political commentator for MSNBC.

Jim, with the help of his radio partner Margery Eagan, took a tour of Trump’s Washington.  See what they learned about how the new First Family plans to make the nation’s capital their home.