Greater Boston will be coming to you all week from Washington D.C.,  as Donald J. Trump prepares to take the oath of office and become the nation’s 45th president.  Jim Braude (@jimbraude) talks with Matt Viser (@mviser), deputy chief of the Boston Globe’s Washington Bureau about the latest developments on the Trump Transition.

Hear an interesting perspective on national politics when Jim talks to Michael Steele, (@michaelsteele), the former chairman of the Republican National Committee.  He reveals the advice he’d give to democrats about how they can survive a Trump presidency.

This year’s election revealed a political divide wider and deeper than anything this country has experienced in years.  Stephanie Leydon (@stephanieleydon) profiles two families with strong feelings on opposing sides of the political spectrum to see if anything could help mend fences.

The inaugural is clearly a hallmark of our democracy as we observe the peaceful transition of power.  But it’s also a huge social event.  Jim talks to Washington Post Style Reporter Roxanne Roberts (@_RoxanneRoberts) about what this year’s event will be like.

We now know how Donald Trump plans to spend his time after the swearing in.  Hear what Jim has to say about the work schedule Trump is looking to keep.