It looks like Boston will have a mayoral race after all.  City Councilor Tito Jackson (@titojackson) announced his intention of challenging Mayor Marty Walsh.  In his first broadcast interview, Jackson sits down with Jim Braude (@jimbraude) to outline his priorities.

There was a fiery exchange during President-elect Donald Trump’s first news conference since winning the election.  Jim is joined by Jennifer Braceras (@MAHockeyMom), former editor of the and author Richard North Patterson to get their take on how this could portend future relations between Trump and the press.

Growing your own pot is now legal in Massachusetts within certain parameters.  WGBH reporter Stephanie Leydon reports on the challenges being faced as the new law is implemented.

Jim hopes policy makers are finally seeing the light on Daylight Saving Time and might consider what he believes are important reasons to change it.