In a special edition of Greater Boston, Jim Braude (@jimbraude) explores the legacy of President Barack Obama as the outgoing commander in chief prepares to deliver his farewell address to the nation.  Jim is joined by people who know and worked with the President, including Michael Astrue (@amjuster) who was the chief administrator for Social Security; Colette Phillips (@ColettePhillips), who is the president and CEO of her own communications firm and has known the Obamas for years; and Cameron Kerry, a democratic activist who was served as the acting Secretary of the Commerce.  In the first segment, Jim and his guests examine Obama’s domestic policies.

As the first African American president, President Obama made history.  Tina Martin (@tinaaroundtown) went to a barbershop in Mattapan to find out what people there think of what Obama did, and did not, accomplish over his two terms.

One of the biggest challenges for President Obama over the past 8 years involved issues of race.  Jim talked to his guests about why many Americans feel race relations have deteriorated. 

As candidates campaign for president, they often focus on economic issues that are close to the daily lives of American voters.  When they get in office, some of the thorniest challenges end up being overseas.  It was no different for President Obama who dealt with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the rise of ISIS, the takedown of Osama Bin Laden, normalization of relations with Cuba, and an accord on Iranian nuclear capabilities.  Jim takes the pulse of his panel on how Obama handled these challenges.

Jim ceded tonight's commentary to Michelle Obama, who delivered her final address as the nation's First Lady.