Today, the 115th congress was sworn in.  It should have been a ceremonious day for republicans, celebrating the beginning of their unilateral control of the federal government.  Instead, the first fissures in GOP unity appeared.  Last night, house republicans, quickly and quietly, voted to gut the independent ethics office that was set up after congressional scandals in 2008. But after President-elect Donald Trump chastised house members in a series of tweets, they abandoned their effort.  Jim Braude (@jimbraude) talks to Jim Rappaport, former chairman of the Massachusetts State Republican party, Politico reporter Lauren Dezenski (@LaurenDezenski), and Scott Ferson (@scottferson), former press secretary to Senator Ted Kennedy and currently president of the Liberty Square Group about what happens with republican unity as Donald Trump prepares to take the oath of office.

In France, a new law is giving workers the right to ignore after hour emails.  And in Japan, there is push to give workers the ability to leave work early on the last Friday of the month.  Jim Braude talks to two local business leaders, Beth Monaghan (@bamonaghan) of Inkspot and Art Papas (@artpapas) of Bullhorn, about their efforts to improve work/life balance and why it can be a good deal for employees as well as employers. 

One month ago, a multi-alarm fire decimated a Cambridge neighborhood. Dozens of residents were left homeless in one of the hottest real estate markets in the state.  Tina Martin (@TinaAroundTown) found that the community has come together to help residents find affordable housing options.

Jim Braude explains why he thinks democracy took a hit on Beacon Hill last week, when a small group of legislators thwarted the desires of voters who said they want legalized recreational marijuana.