As the year draws to a close, WGBH Radio asked people in Boston to look back, and tell the story of what was most meaningful to them in 2016. Here are some stories people shared. Reporter Craig LeMoult worked out of the WGBH satellite studio in the Boston Public Library, which is something of an urban crossroads. If you choose to share these tales use #WGBHxBPL.

Kenny Delaney-Glover 

If she's willing to sleep in alleyways with me, she's got to be the one.






Victoria Thomas

I realized I was so dependent on one person. I actually got the chance to be dependent on myself.





Joackim Waweru

It was a little bit scary. You don't know whether you're going to lose a friend.





Nancy Purdon

From start to finish, it was a wonderful adventure.






Christian Garcia

Pride was something which I kind of understood, but didn't really feel until I could connect with someone who was this unafraid about it.



He pulled me over to a mirror, showed me myself in the mirror. I was kind of horrified.