For the “Anyone but Trump” contingent, Monday will be the equivalent of Custer’s last stand as the Electoral College convenes to cast their votes in the presidential election.  56 electors have requested a security briefing in advance of the vote so they feel fully informed about Donald Trump’s potential role in the Russian hacking investigation.  Jim Braude (@jimbraude) talks to a Massachusetts elector, Paul Yorkis (@PaulGYorkis) of Medway, about why he has requested the security briefing, and Mintz Levin attorney R.J. Lyman, who has consulted some republican electors about their constitutional rights.

The film version of the Boston Marathon bombings, “Patriots Day”, premiered in Boston last night.  Today, WGBH Arts Editor Jared Bowen (@JaredWGBH) attended a news conference with some of the film’s stars, as well as some of the real life heroes and victims of the blasts.

A recent story by the investigative website The Eye, in conjunction with Boston University and WGBH News, revealed problems for those who were wrongly convicted of a crime.  Some find they are unable to get the restitution they are owed.  Jim talks to one man who got caught in this horrible situation, and Jenifer McKim (@jbmckim), senior investigative reporter, who wrote the story. 

Jim offers his thoughts on the human tragedy unfolding in Syria and his hopes for how President-elect Donald Trump will address the situation.