Two familiar names from Massachusetts are part of the transition talk at Trump Tower in New York.  Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is under consideration as the next Secretary of State and Former U.S Senator Scott Brown is in the running to be Secretary of Veteran Affairs. This comes as the more ethical concerns are aired about how Trump is running his businesses, and the president elect takes to Twitter to air his grievances against the Broadway smash “Hamilton” and “Saturday Night Live”.  Jim Braude talks with editor Jennifer Braceras (@mahockeymom) and former U.S Attorney Frank McNamara (@franklmcnamara94) to get their take on all the recent political developments.

One of the big issues thru out the campaign was income inequality.  Over the past couple of decades, the rich have literally gotten richer as more of the nation’s wealth is concentrated in the top income brackets. One man, Chuck Collins, is doing something about it. One of the heirs to the Oscar Meyer fortune, he gave away his inheritance and is making the distribution of income one of his causes.  Jim talks to him about his new book, “Born on Third Base:  A One Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good.”

On this Thanksgiving eve many are grateful for the holidays, but imagine what it’s like to be homeless with no job and no opportunities, especially at this time of year. That’s reality for thousands of people in Massachusetts. But a program run by the pine street inn has found a way to train people and create jobs at the same time. It’s called I-Cater.

There is talk that Out of Town News, long a fixture right in the middle of Harvard Square, could be closing.  Jim shares his thoughts on why we lose a special part of the region whenever a treasured institution is phased out.