What a difference a week makes. The fallout from Hillary Clinton's emails is now showing up in the polls. And we'll look at what each campaign is doing to reach out to undecided voters. The Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi (@Joan_Vennochi)and The New York Times' Farah Stockman(@fstockman)discuss.

We talk media bias. Donald Trump's campaign has long made the claim that the election is rigged. Could he have a point? NewBostonPost.com Editor Jennifer Braceras(@MAHockeyMom)and Former CNN White House CorrespondentDan Lothian (@DanLothianTV) joined Jim to discuss.

Stephanie Leydon introduces us to the local company looking to bring Bostonians from worst to first in the game of safe driving.

Serious concerns Jim has with some of the disrupters in our city, and a real lack of inclusion.