New Hampshire is a small state playing a big role in this year's election. How it could determine who wins the presidency, and which party gets control of congress? Former New Hampshire GOP ChairmanFergus Cullen (@FergusCullen) and Former New Hampshire RepresentativeRichard Swett (@rnswett) discuss.

Is Obamacare on life support?  A huge spike in the cost of many plans is putting the president's signature achievement back in the race for the White House. Pioneer Institute Senior Health Care Policy FellowJoshua Archambault (@josharchambault) and Boston University Associate law Professor Abigail Moncrieff (@armoncrieff) discuss.

The surprising number of Boston Public schools that don't having functioning libraries.

The Red Sox aren't at the World Series, but some of their alums are, and that's helped Jim pick his team.