What do we really have the right to know? That's the big question surrounding both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Health histories, financial pasts, is what they've given us enough? Or should we demand more? Rep. Geoff Diehl(@RepGeoffDiehl), Former Brookline Selectman Jesse Mermell(@jessemermell), and Dr. Fatima Stanford discuss. 

The Wang and Shubert Theaters are now at the Boch Center. The car magnate Ernie Boch Jr. (@ErnieBochJr) is lending his name and some big money to two historic Boston theaters. Ernie and and Citi Performing Arts Center CEO and President Joe Spaulding join Jim to discuss.

Stephanie Leydon(@stephanieleydon) shows us how offshore wind is about to power an entire island, not too far from here.

An eight-year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers and who has still not paid a price.