We've all heard the adage 'everything old is new again'—and that applies currently to the ongoing scandal at Boston Latin, which has brought in former headmaster Michael Contompasisto see the school through an ongoing racial discrimination scandal after the resignation of Lynne Mooney Teta earlier this week.

Paul Reville, Harvard Graduation School professor and former Massachusetts Secretary of Education, said Contompasis was a wise choice.

"I think they made a great appointment in Michael Contompasis. He knows what he's getting in there because he's been there, and I feel that in this moment we need a stabilizing hand," he said.

"I am quite sure he's going to be sensitive to the issues of race and culture that have created this culture," he continued. "You can't ignore it. You have to deal with it head on, and I think he will. He brings with it the advantage of knowing the school, knowing the faculty, and I think—more importantly—knowing the system," he continued.

To hear more of Paul Reville's take, tune in to Boston Public Radio above.