It was high drama in Congress, as house democrats staged an all night sit in, demanding action on gun control legislation they say is being held up by the republicans. The majority party, the republicans, controls the video feed and turned it off. Joining Adam to discuss the crazy politics are Tom Whalen (@TomWhalenBU), a political science professor from Boston University; Heather Cox Richardson, professor of history, Boston College; and Dante Ramos (@danteramos), a Boston Globe editorial writer.

Plus, it has been five years since we collectively woke up to the news that Massachusetts' most notorious mobster — James "Whitey" Bulger — had been found and captured alive out in California; setting the stage for his 2013 trial. After being found guilty to the majority of the charges, Bulger was sentenced to two life terms, plus another five years. Prosecutors seized about a million dollars in assets from Bulger which the U.S. Marshal's office is putting up for auction this weekend here Boston. U.S. Marshal for the District of Massachusetts John Gibbons gives Adam a preview of the auction.

Also, Every May and June for the last 450-million years, horseshoe crabs have been laying their eggs along our beaches at high tide during new and full moons. And as Cristina Quinn (@cristinatquinn) shows us, a local organization has recently been keeping track of the their spawning population, with good reason.