It's a parental rite of passage -- bring the kids to the local zoo so they can experience wildlife first hand.  The numbers are big.  175 million Americans make a trip to  a zoo or aquarium every year. But as we all know now, something went horribly wrong at the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday, when a three year old somehow got into the gorilla exhibit. After Harambe, the 400 pound male gorilla, started manhandling the boy, authorities shot the gorilla.  

That action set off a number of debates.  Was the zoo safe, should the gorilla have been tranquilized, was the mother to blame?  Now another bigger question is taking center stage.  Should we even have zoos to begin with?

For the pros and cons, John Linehanof Zoo New England ( @ZooNewEngland), the organization that runs Franklin Park and the Stone Zoo, and Azzedine Downes ( @AzzedineTDownes) , the president of the International Fund for Animal Welfare ( @action4iafw) , based in Yarmouth weigh in on the issue.  

Also, With a Masters Degree in  Public Policy from Columbia University, and a stint as a policy adviser for the City of New York,   Negin Farsad ( @NeginFarsad) - an American of Iranian descent from Palm Springs -decided if she really wanted to change the world, she should make people laugh.  And boy does she ever! Her new book is ‘ How To Make White People Laugh

Plus, It was quite a moment for a Northboro teenager — she was selected to present an app she created at the White House Science Fair.  It could make passwords obsolete and prevent smartphone theft.  Cristina Quinn ( @CristinaTQuinn) shows us how it works. 

Lastly, Jim shares a bit of spoken word!