TSA turmoil. The same day airport executives are called on the carpet before Congress to explain those endless security lines we find out about security breeches on tarmacs, happening almost once a week. Director of Security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Anthony Amore (@Amoream), discusses. 

The investigation into the off-duty Boston police officer, over just what happened inthis video. 

Britain's Consul General for Boston Susie Kitchens(@SusieKitchens) talks about a possible Brexit. And if you think whether Britain stays or leaves the European Union has no affect on us here, could you be wrong? 

WGBH Arts Editor Jared Bowen(@JaredWGBH) takes us on a tour of master sculptor Auguste Rodin's work, now on display in Salem.

And Jim's high hopes for the future of Newbury Street, as a pedestrian paradise.