A 69-year-old Berkshire County man is scheduled to arrive in Boston after a monthlong canoe trip from one end of the state to the other to bring attention to the importance of clean water.

Denny Alsop, of Stockbridge, launched his journey in the Housatonic River in Sheffield on March 21 and is expected to finish on the Charles River on Wednesday.

Alsop made a similar trip 28 years ago.

This year's trip is intended to celebrate the progress made in cleaning Massachusetts rivers and highlight the need for continued action. Alsop also wants to draw attention to General Electric's resistance to some terms of a federal cleanup of the Housatonic.

Alsop paddled along 11 rivers on this trip, including the Westfield, Connecticut, Chicopee, Quaboag, Qinnebaug, French, Blackstone, Assabet and Sudbury.