Boston’s City Council voted on Wednesday in favor of a measure that would extend Council members’ terms from two years to four.

The petition, sponsored by District 3 Councilor Frank Baker and At-Large Councilor Michael Flaherty, passed with a 12 to 1 vote; At-Large City Councilor and Council President Michelle Wu cast the sole vote against the measure. 

Extending the length of Council terms, Baker told WGBH, would allow councilors to spend more time focusing on serving their constituents — and less time focused on re-election.

"Some people think that running for the office or campaigning for the office as doing the job — [it's] very very different," Baker said. Having to prepare for an election every other year "takes you away from the focus of what's going on in your neighborhoods and on your street." 

"I believe this will allow us as councilors to do our job much better than having to run every other year." 

Having passed the Council, the measure still requires the approval of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as well as the state legislature.

Walsh did not immediately offer comment on the measure. A spokesperson for the mayor said the mayor would “review it when it reaches his desk.”

City Council President Michelle Wu told WGBH that she voted against the measure out of concerns for the effect longer terms would have on incumbent fundraising and the willingness of outsider candidates to run for seats on the Council in the future.

“I remember when I was running as a newcomer and first-time candidate how much pressure there was to pull in a high fundraising number, just to appear credible” Wu told WGBH.

“My concern that increasing the length of time that incumbent are in office also raises the bar for those fundraising numbers.”

Responding to Wu's critique, Baker countered: "I mean, yeah, maybe it puts you at an advantage at fundraising — but I think that if you're prepared to work for a City Council seat and you're prepared to do what needs to be done, I believe you can unseat an incumbent."