The family of D.J. Henry of Easton has reached a $6 million settlement with the town of Pleasantville, N.Y., where Henry was shot and killed by police in 2010.

Henry was shot and killed by officer Aaron Hess in October 2010 shortly after he was told to move out of a fire lane outside of a club in Pleasantville, in Westchester County. Within minutes, Hess was on the hood of the car shooting point blank through the window. When the shooting stopped, 20-year-old Henry lay slumped behind the wheel near death.

In a statement the family said that no monetary settlement could ever replace the deep loss of their beloved son.
Angela Henry, D.J. Henry's mother, recently summed up the family's feelings.

"It's beyond words," she said. "It's beyond the description of the pain."  

A local grand jury declined to bring charges against the officer, but a federal investigation determined that Henry was braking when his car hit Hess.