Trouble at the top? Trump can't be stopped, or are there now signs he can be? And is Clinton really "delighted" that the guy who set up her private email server has been granted immunity? Representative Geoff Diehl ( @RepGeoffDiehl), Former Communication Director for Governor Deval Patrick, Jesse Mermell ( @jessemermell), and POLITICO Deputy Editor, Marilyn Thompson( @marilynt2004) discuss.

Comcast Sportsnet reporter Jessica Moran resigns following reports of a relationship with Red Sox manager John Farrell, raising a ton of issues. Former Boston Globe Columnist Joanna Weiss( @JoannaWeiss) and Boston Globe Sports Reporter, Shira Springer ( @ShiraSpringer), discuss. 

And Jim's thoughts, after 11 hours of House of Cards, on the risks and rewards of binge-watching.