Ohio Governor John Kasich joined Jim on Sunday to discuss his presidential run.

Kasich says that people have not “formed a full opinion” of him, as he is a “new kid on the block” for many Americans. In contrast with Trump’s television airtime, Kasich says that the media is not paying enough attention to his campaign.

As Governor of Ohio, Kasich notes the importance of winning his own state. "I'm gonna have to win Ohio. If I don’t win Ohio, I'm done. But I'm going to win Ohio."

Kasich cites his ability to get along with people, even of other political parties, as a selling point for his candidacy. "We're not running for class president, we're trying to pick the leader of the free world,” says Kasich. "We have to be Americans before we're Republicans or Democrats."

Kasich admires leaders such as Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. "They're firm, they're strong, they're definitive...but they don't yell,” says Kasich. He says he would govern most like Reagan. But "every once and a while you'd get a Harry Truman out of me too,” says Kasich.

Heading into Super Tuesday, Kasich has received The Boston Globe’s endorsement and Governor Weld’s. He is hoping secure Governor Baker’s endorsement as well.  

If Donald Trump were to win the GOP nomination, Kasich says he “will not run for vice president.” He says he has the "second best job in America,” as Governor of Ohio.