Birther Question— Unlike the purported controversy over Barack Obama’s birth certificate, there’s no dispute that Ted Cruz was born outside the U.S. Are questions about Cruz’s eligibility to be president worthy of media coverage?

Hillary Whiplash– Why does the media’s narrative of Hillary Clinton swing so wildly from inevitable nominee to a campaign in turmoil back to inevitable nominee?

Unlikely Media Defender When Newt Gingrich accused ‘Fox and Friends’ of giving Donald Trump free airtime, host Brian Kilmeade told him Trump is the only candidate who regularly accepts their invitations. Is that a fair response? How does the media ensure balance when some candidates are more accessible than others?

Election Confessions– If the unexpected success of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is any indication, the media has struggled to understand what regular folks are thinking. Will efforts like NBC’s anonymous Tumblr offer a more authentic view into voters’ minds?

Rants and Raves – Our panel highlights some media hits and misses from the week.