Apple vs. FBI: is the media taking sides?

At this point, Apple is defying a lawful court order to aid the FBI. The company is arguing it’s a privacy issue, but should the media be taking that spin and running with it, as many have? Or should they be harder on Apple for what, when it comes down to it, is a massive company breaking U.S. Law?

Scarborough & Trump: too close for fair coverage?

There’s been a lot of talk about the friendship between Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump over the last couple weeks, but this week’s MSNBC Town Hall, featuring only Donald Trump, has taken things to a new level. Then again, it was Scarborough who cut off Trump during a phone interview and went to break (although it did resume after). Are the two too close for Scarborough to fairly cover Trump and his campaign?

John Henry calls for third party Bloomberg run on Twitter

Globe owner John Henry sent out a tweet this week that raised more than a few eyebrows: “Two party system completely broken. Bloomberg should run. More importantly long term, third party construct needed.” Can his paper (and its reporters) give fair election coverage after such a public declaration from their boss?

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