Belmont native Rebecca Pizziran seven marathons in seven days last month, across the seven different continents.

And she did it faster than any other woman ever. 

Pizzi, the mother of an eight-year-old girl, owns a daycare and manages an ice cream shop in Belmont. She cites her daughter as her inspiration to take on this feat. "It was an opportunity for me to show that world that you can do anything you put your mind to."

To train for the seven marathons, Pizzi ran between "70-100" miles a week, seven days a week. Pizzi says she "never doubted" herself throughout the seven days. She focused on the present and "staying in the moment" rather than thinking ahead for the races to come. 

"I trusted in my training," says Pizzi. 

And believe it or not, she slept more during the seven days of marathons (seven hours a night) than she does while she's back in Massachusetts (five hours). 

When Pizzi completed the marathons, her daughter made an announcement over her school's PA system, letting them know that her mom finished strong.